Team productivity app

Simple SaaS that helps you increase sales and improve customer service, while changing the way your team interacts and cooperates.

How Sofigreo works

1. Create

  • Create content quickly & easily whenever you need it
  • Create your own folders to fit the way your team works

2. Share

  • Managers and and their teams can share useful, valuable content easily to other team members in real time
  • Everyone can access the content 24/7 whenever they need it, which leads to higher sales and better customer service

3. Learn

  • Your team performs better thanks to constant learning
  • Managers can monitor learning progress and nudge the team when critical information is available

4. Discuss

  • Team discussions are a powerful way to spread best practices quickly across your whole team
  • Share the best questions, ideas and tips from informal discussions regularly to increase sales and improve customer service


Build authentic skills

  • Higher sales and customer satisfaction.
    Thanks to skills and strategies proven by best people in real life.
  • Sales knowledge created on-the-job.
    It helps to analyse, (re)design & innovate products, processes, training and development.
  • Sofigreo radically increases effectiveness of physical training.
    Skilandia-assisted T&D preparation & follow-up is typically 100% effective vs 10%-20% activities without Sofigreo.

Sell with team selling

  • Share practical sales actions, skills & strategies.
    Achieve sales goals and other team KPIs faster.
  • Track team spirit & behaviours, user engagement, actual skill sharing.
    Stats & reporting help to track team selling related activities.
  • Identify & retain natural sales leaders, mentors and other team players.
    Add value to sharing best practices & teach others.

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